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Our Equipment


Esteam Ninja 200 portable hot water extraction unit

With our portable hot water extraction unit, we specialize in reaching all areas unreachable by truck mounted vans. This includes apartments, condos, and townhouses. 

We can deliver a level of quality cleaning for your carpets and upholsteries that other companies may not offer.   

Our Services

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential carpet cleaning in calgary

 Rooms- $0.30/sq foot

Stairs/Landings- $3.00/stair   

*Up to 300 sq feet can be cleaned for  our minimum charge of $90.00  

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning in calgary

Rooms- $0.18/sq foot

Stairs/Landings- $2.50/stair

*Up to 500 sq feet can be cleaned for  our minimum charge of $90.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning in calgary

  SYNTHETIC FIBERS- $0.90 /sq ft

NATURAL FIBERS- $1.40 /sq ft

​(rugs will be tested for color fastness) 

*includes cowhide rugs​

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning in calgary


3 SEATER COUCH- $90.00
LOVE SEAT- $75.00
CHAIR- $50.00

OTTOMANS- $15.00 and up

DINING CHAIRS- $10.00 and up
​LARGE SECTIONAL- $165.00 and up

(Price depends on pieces and size)

*Throw pillows included


Spot Cleaning


Our spot cleaning service is included in our prices, unless an excessive amount of specialized solutions are required. Then cost will be based on the amount used.

Scotchgard and Deodorizer

Scotchgard and deodorizer applications after carpet cleaning in calgary

We offer 3M scotchgarding for all applications

We also have multiple deodorizers that we offer for all applications

*Prices vary depending on the application

Technician's Process



 We perform a thorough walkthrough to determine the optimal cleaning method.

We also perform a follow up walkthrough once the work is complete.



 An appropriate pre-spray is applied to the area and pre-treatment of stubborn stains if it is needed.

Steam Cleaning


 Hot water extraction technique is used on the pre-treated areas and then followed up with a dry vacuum pass to assist with the drying time.

Post treatments


For any residual stains we can offer some specialized treatments to further assist the spot removal process. We also offer scotchgard as fabric protection and deodorizers for any pets stains or other smells.

Final steps


Blocks or cards are placed under all furniture moved and we offer carpet grooming to our customers if it is requested.

Final Walkthrough


We perform a final walkthrough and answer any questions our customers may have to ensure customer satisfaction.

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